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Rush Running Company Open in Rogers

New Products

Adidas Ultra Boost ST

The NEW Adidas Ultra Boost ST is SWEET! This shoe utilizes TPU pellets throughout the entire midsole for an incredibly plush feel while providing tons of energy return. You have got to try one of these things on!!!


Mizuno Catalyst

The NEW Mizuno Catalyst is the perfect shoe for any runner looking for a lightweight, responsive footwear option without sacrificing a mild amount of stability.


Garmin 235

The Garmin 235 is the latest in wearable technology. Not only does it track distance, pace, time, and calories, it also tracks heartrate via wrist mounted infrared and can sync with a smart phone via bluetooth so you can read texts from the watch!


Tifosi Eyewear

Tifosi has made it's way into Rush Running with some of the lightest weight, quality sunglasses that won't break the bank. Come try a pair on!



Tailwind is a new nutrition item that you mix in water and consume while running. This drink mix is what you want if you don't want to eat gels, chews, or bars while running. All the nutrients you need you get from the drink alone!


Huma Chia Energy Gel

Huma is a great tasting, all-natural way of providing yourself energy on those long runs. If other gels upset your stomach or taste horrible, this might be what you need!!!

About Us
Mike and Alison Rush started running in middle school and haven't looked back since. Mike continued his running career at the University of Arkansas and has coached at Fayetteville High School and local runners of all distances, from the 5k to the marathon. Alison also ran for Arkansas... More
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